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A Generosa ajuda-te a cuidares das tuas plantas e revela-te muitos segredos de como mantê-las felizes.

A new way of caring for plants

At Generosa, we are committed to contributing to a more sustainable world, where the use of by-products from bio-industries plays a fundamental role in reducing the excessive use of natural resources.





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By using our products, you contribute to responsible consumption while taking care of your plants and keeping them healthy for a long time.
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Plant care

On our Plant Care blog, you will learn all the tips you need to know how to give your plants what they really need. In this blog, you also have the plantopedia where we update specific resources dedicated to a particular plant.

Get to know Sansevieria sp.

Sansevieria sp. is native to tropical areas of West Central Africa, from Cameroon to Nigeria. Its fleshy leaves grow in a rosette and can reach about 2 meters under ideal…
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Plant Mom- Francisca Camejo (Musa)

Francisca, have you had any experience with plants? No, I have always had coexistence with plants, but no experience. Do you have any plans associated with your childhood? Yes, the…
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Plants & Pets – The View of a Vet

Do cases of plant poisoning frequently occur? No. There is often suspicion, especially in animals that roam freely in public gardens, where there are often potentially toxic plants, and in…
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