Tailored Generosa

If the collections we have prepared for you are not yet suitable to you, do not worry!

Generosa develops customized projects and helps you find the best solution for your needs. We can opt for a wider range of shapes, sizes and colors for our collections of plants, pots and planters.​

We present our suggestions, but we are always available to meet your expectations!

Here are some of our customers where we have spread happiness in a pot.

Projects for your space

Whether you have an office, a retail space, a restaurant or a lodging business, or want a more personalized and exclusive assistance to make your home a true oasis, challenge us to find the most appropriate collections for your space.

Gifts with life

If you want to surprise your guests or clients with a special gift for a special celebration, Generosa will not let you down.

Workshops for teams

If you want to provide a different moment to your team, Generosa is your ideal partner. We offer workshops on various topics related to plants and their care. A great tool that enhances work-life-balance.

That special plant

Did you see a beautiful plant and you do not know its name or where to get it? Generosa is your plant hunter of service and will help to fulfill your desire.

Collections for your event

If you are going to organize an event and you want to give it a green touch, Generosa offers you an innovative approach that takes into consideration the non-disposability of plants. Do you accept the challenge?

Do you need a solution that fits you?

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