Peace Lily


It was brought from the tropical forests of Central and South America, where it grows under fantastic trees that filter the light that comes to it. Can you imagine? Try to generously reproduce this environment so it can be happy to keep you company.

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SISSI is particularly leafy and flowering in a well-lit location where it receives indirect or filtered light. But it is part of the versatile plants club in terms of need for light. It is also happy if you put it in a darker place.


Although it likes to feel the soil regularly wet, it likes that you let the surface of the soil of the pot dry between waterings. That way you allow its roots to breathe as well. Test with your finger before you water again. It is a good girl, but it is not a saint, it hates you water it too much, leaving the soil soaked. When watering, be sure that you drain off any excess water and that no water remains in the bottom of the decorative pot.


If it is thirsty, it shows it by letting its sheets hang revealing its sadness. Water it again because it recovers. It is the ideal plant for the most forgotten … Yellow leaves with a scalded air are indicative of getting too much sun. Move it to a different place.


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