Elephant’s Foot


Coming from South America, Mexico in particular, our PONY has an extravagant appearance that hardly goes unnoticed. With its tuberous stem it manages its reserve of water and, therefore, it does not need much attention and, it amazes me, it has a lifetime of 100 years.

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Filtered or indirect light. Turn your PONY every 15 days to ensure an uniform growth of its leaves crown.


Its fleshy stem allows it to reserve water for emergencies. You should still water it regularly, but always allow the soil in the pot to dry well between waterings. Do not forget to always feel the humidity of the soil before you make the decision to water and adjust the frequency of waterings to the season of the year. In winter you will need to water very little.


The presence of white cotton little balls and a sticky track on the leaves will be cochineal. One of the ways to avoid this is to keep PONY during the winter period in less heated areas of the house. Leaves with brown tips will be a sign that the soil is too wet. Let the soil dry well and reduce watering. The wrinkled fleshy stem can be a result of lack of water. Immerse the vase in water for a few moments. Then let the excess flow. Do not make this way of doing the common watering practice of your PONY. The older leaves, at the base of the crown, turn brown and eventually fall off. It is the cycle of life assuming that new leaves emerge from the top of the crown.


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