In nature, PAXA is happy in the tropical forests of Central and South America. Its leaves falling from the horizontal and its braided trunk make it a special plant. Reserve it a prominent place. She deserves it.

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PAXA is particularly happy when bathed by filtered or indirect light. It will tolerate some direct light as long as its exposure is gradual so that it can acclimatize. PAXA tends to grow toward the sun. To maintain its top uniform you should regularly rotate the pot slightly.


PAXA should be watered regularly which means that you must water it well whenever the surface of the soil of its pots dries superficially. Watering well means that you must wet the entire surface of the pot so that the water evenly reaches all its roots. Do not forget to drain excess water and do not leave any water accumulated in the bottom of the decorative pot.


PAXA is sensitive to draughts. Make sure you place it in a protected zone.
Yellow leaves may be a sign of low humidity in the surrounding environment. Try spraying it with water during warmer and drier weather or when the space it inhabits is artificially heated during the winter, for example. Small spots on the leaves may be a sign of over watering. Always dirty your finger to check if it is time to water. Falling green leaves can be a sign of over watering. Presence and eventual fall of yellow or brown leaves is a sign of water deficit.


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