Heart Shaped


This is a special plant. Or better to say, a beautiful plant design. What you have with you is a recently rooted leaf and that in time (and if all goes well) it will develop new shoots that will become stems with new leaves. In nature, to the sides of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, is a climbing plant, epiphyte (ie, lives attached to trees, without touching the ground). Its growth from a single leaf is very slow so you will have to be patient. Meanwhile, enjoy the company of this little piece of nature.

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Môr is a very versatile plant. You can put it in a well-lit place where it can develop its full potential or in a dimly lit corner where it will grow slower, but it will not let you down.


MÔR stands some dry crossings, as its fleshy leaves allow it to manage its water reserves. However, if you want to improve the conditions for it to develop, you will have to water it regularly. But attention, MÔR is one of those plants that abominates wet feet, if it is to cause you to sin, let it always be for deficit. Water it only when the soil in its pot is very dry to the touch. Remember that in the initial phase, MÔR is a beautiful plant project. Its roots are recent and very sensitive to drowning. It is particularly important to be ruled in watering when your MÔR is placed in a less bright location.



A dark, soft spot at the base of the heart is a sign of probable over watering and it can be bad news for putting the plant at risk. Check the water content in the soil in the pot. If it is soaked, press it to try to drain some water and put MÔR in a well-lit area (if it isn’t the case) and believe that everything will be fine.