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O Marshall originally lives in the tropical forests of West Africa, between Liberia and Gabon. It is the indicated plant for those looking for a natural dramatic and material impact to share digitally. Its huge leaves on narrow stems become photogenic and simultaneously somewhat vulnerable. That is why it seems to stimulate somehow almost parental feelings. Want to take care of it!

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Sunny place with lots of filtered light. They even tolerated some direct light coming from a window facing east.


The watering should be regular avoiding at all costs leaving water accumulated in the bottom of the pot or soaking the earth. In practice you should always drain excess water. In spring and summer, period of greatest growth, water whenever the surface of the soil is dry. In autumn-winter, make longer intervals between waterings, allowing the soil to dry up to 2 fingers below the surface. You only have to dirty your finger to know when you should water again!


Marshall is a somewhat delicate plant and therefore requires some attention. It does not like great temperature variations and appreciates some humidity in the air. He chooses to lose leaves as a way of expressing his distress and the reasons for this can be several:

Lack of water, although in this case it is likely that the leaves turn yellow as the first sign.

MARSHALL is sensitive to change, avoid changing it often and do not be surprised if it loses some leaves when you install it in your space. It’s complaining about the trip, but then it goes. Cold air currents and sudden changes in temperature.

It will sometimes be an exercise in excluding parts to get to the cause or causes of its distress. Dried leaves with brown margins are a sign of low levels of humidity on the soil and/or in the air. Pay more attention to Marshall, review the frequency of watering and in case you feel that the surrounding air is too dry, vaporize the leaves with water. Do it in style with one of our vaporizers available in our online shop.

Softened leaves with brown spots indicate most likely that there is excessive watering. This can be fatal to the plant. If for some reason the soil is very wet and soaked it may be worthwhile to remove the earth from the vessel and replace it with new earth.


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