Enriched potting mix


One of the most important factors in keeping houseplants healthy is keeping their soil well-nourished. Our SOIL FRESHENER can be used to repot small houseplants or to add a nourishing layer over the aged potting mix of plants in larger pots.

A perfect gift for plant lovers.


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One of the most important factors to maintain the healthy growth of our houseplants is to ensure that their roots remain well accommodated in a well-nourished potting mix and in sufficient quantity for their needs.

A healthy soil ensures correct physical support for the roots and an adequate reservoir of water and nutrients. The aerial growth of our houseplants is accompanied by the growth of their roots, which gradually occupy the empty spaces generated by the decomposition and degradation of the soil.

It is therefore essential to periodically refresh the soil components. Our soil freshener contains a balanced mix of organic and inorganic components that promote the essential properties of a good potting mix for houseplants.


Content: 2 l

The weight of the package may vary slightly due to changes in its moisture content.

Composition: Organic fibres, organic concealer and vermiculite.
Organic components play a role in the physical support for the roots and constitute a dynamic reservoir for water and nutrients. Inorganic components play a key role in managing the moisture content and aeration of the soil as a whole.

How to use: Use our SOIL FRESHENER to repot your houseplants. Place a layer at the bottom of the new pot and in the unfilled space around the rooted plant.

For large plants that are difficult to repot, remove the top layer of aged potting mix and replace it with a fresh layer of soil.

You can use it on all your houseplants.

Keep the package closed and in a cool place.

100% natural product.

Unique size (20cm ↕; 13cm Ø)