Enriched neem oil


Our houseplant leaf protector is 100% natural, made from neem oil blended with the finest vegetable oils that have been used for centuries as insecticides and natural insect repellents. It is the ideal product to treat and keep your plants safe from attacks by unwanted predators.


You can buy it individually or, for a complete SPA treatment, together with our LEAF CLEANSER and MISTER.


A perfect gift for plant lovers.


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Even if they are potted, houseplants live in an ecosystem that includes insects, fungi and bacteria. Most of these are beneficial organisms and their presence is normal and desired.

There are, however, some predatory insects that need to be controlled: mealybugs, thrips, spider mites, whiteflies and fungus gnats – yes, those sticky cotton balls, the tiny beings, some almost transparent and the mini annoying mosquitoes that take flight as soon as we touch the leaves or the soil – these are our targets!

Regularly cleaning our indoor plants allows you to monitor the presence of unwanted predatory insects. When you identify these pests, the application of neem oil allows effective control due to its insecticidal and repellent effect. Neem oil also leaves the leaves shiny with that healthy look that good make-up can achieve.



Content: available in 30 ml and 100 ml bottles

Ingredients: neem oil, olive oil, and lavender essential oil

How to use: We recommend that you use it together with our LEAF CLEANSER diluted in water to ensure the correct distribution of neem oil on the plant (15 drops of neem oil and 10 pumps of LEAF CLEANSER for 200ml of water). Alternatively, you can use another detergent or potassium soap as an emulsifier.

Apply on the leaves using a mister without forgetting the underside of the leaves, a predilection place for some pests. Make sure you do it in a ventilated place, protected from direct light and preferably in the early hours of the morning.

Repeat this treatment session two days in a row and then weekly until you no longer see bugs. Discard the product made after 48 hours.

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