Houseplant Treat

There are many fertilizers! But we especially like this one because it is so much more than food for houseplants. It’s a superfood for plants!

In addition to the nutrients necessary for the proper development of plants, this fertilizer contains bioactive compounds whose activity makes plants more tolerant to the effects of the stresses that we sometimes subject our indoor plants to.

These are well-kept secrets from the sea. Because our indoor plant fertilizer is 100% composed of seaweed, sustainably harvested in the coastal regions of the North Atlantic.

This kit is made up of our PLANT FOOD and our MISTER, a beautiful spray to make the most of your care routine. You also receive a beautiful reusable cotton bag.

A perfect gift for plant lovers.


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Fertilise your plants in their growing season. As we are in the Northern Hemisphere, that is to say, during the Spring-Summer seasons. As all plants have different needs, you should always know first what amount and number of times to fertilize them. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are always ready to help you!


Quantity: Plant Food (100 ml) | Mister (200 ml)

Ingredients: 100% seaweed extract (Ascophyllum nodosum)

How to use: Dilute the concentrated solution in water (10 drops for 200 ml of water) and shake well. Spray the leaves with this solution once a week, during their growing season between March and September, using our MISTER. Discard the product made after 24h.

You can use it on all houseplants.