Houseplant Feast

To fully spoil your plants, this set is ideal. Nourish your plants and their potting mix so that they never lack the nutrients they need to grow beautiful and healthy. This gift pack houseplant feast is made up of our PLANT FOOD, our SOIL BOOSTER, and our MISTER. You also receive a beautiful reusable cotton bag.

A perfect gift for plant lovers.


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Quantity: Plant Food (50 ml) | Soil Booster (2 l) | Mister (200 ml)

Ingredients: Plant Food (100% seaweed extract Ascophyllum nodosum) | Soil Booster (100% insect humus)

Chemical composition Plant Food: K 6,7% p/p; K2O 8,0% p/p; pH: 8,5 – 10,5

Chemical composition Soil Booster: organic matter 77%; 2.5% nitrogen; phosphorus 5.2%; potassium 5.5%; calcium 1.6%; 0.9% magnesium; copper 21 mg/kg; zinc 135 mg/kg; pH 8.9

How to use Plant Food: Dilute 5 drops of the concentrated solution per 100 ml of water and shake well. Spray the leaves once a month in winter and fortnightly the rest of the year.

How to use Soil Booster: Every two months, spread a portion of the product around the plant to cover its surface. Lightly mixture it in the soil.

It can be used on all houseplants.