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Generosa gives you the opportunity to combine each plant with a handmade pot of your choice from a wide range of colors, all of which are hand painted. Choose the combinations that will shine in your space!

Our pots are handcrafted in Portugal by a potter-craftsman and painted by the Generosa team.


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Clay, Cream, Generosa


V8 – 8cm Ø 7cm ↑, V10 – 10cm Ø 9cm ↑, V12 – 12cm Ø 10cm ↑, V15 – 15cm Ø 13cm ↑, V17 – 17cm Ø 15cm ↑, V19 – 19cm Ø 16cm ↑, V21 (21cm Ø; 18 cm ↕), V23 – 23cm Ø 19cm ↑, V25 – 25cm Ø 21cm ↑, V27 (27cm Ø; 23 cm ↕), V29 – 29cm Ø 24cm ↑, V32 – 32cm Ø 27cm ↑, V36 – 36cm Ø 30cm ↑, V38 – 38cm Ø 32cm ↑, V40 (40cm Ø; 33cm ↕), V44 – 44cm Ø 37cm ↑, V50 – 50cm Ø 42cm ↑