Our CLOE, coming from South Africa, with its long and narrow, rosette-shaped hanging leaves, is a different option from the vast majority of other indoor plants.

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CLOE is very versatile with regard to its light requirements. However, it is in well-lit places with filtered or indirect light that it is happier. When it develops in low light conditions its growth is slower, but it does not disappoint anyone.


There is no way. You have to dirty your finger before deciding to water your CLOE.

In spring and summer or when CLOE is placed in good light conditions, water it regularly, leaving only the soil surface of the pot to dry slightly between waterings.

In fall and winter, or if CLOE is placed in a low-light zone, let the pot soil dry at least up to half of its depth before you water it again.


Dark tips on young leaves may indicate that CLOE is receiving excess water. The same cause can be attributed to the appearance of brown stripes along the leaves. Do not forget to dirty your finger before watering! But attention, the brown tips can also be a sign of lack of water. You must identify the real cause of the problem. A little help, if it is lack of water, the brown tips tend to be drier, if it is excess of water they tend to be soft.


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