Staghorn Fern


Our BAMBI is native to Australia and Indonesia. This is the plant for those looking for something completely different. In nature they attach themselves to trees and absorb water and nutrients through their brown, shield-shaped leaves. A second type of branched green fronds gives its common name.

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Although it is a fetus, to which we normally associate a natural appetite for dark places, our BAMBI does not cease to amaze us. It loves being bathed in a good amount of indirect or filtered light.


BAMBI should be watered in a very special way: by submersion. This is explained by the fact that water is absorbed by the fronds to compensate for the fact that it does not have access to large amounts of water through the roots (it is an epiphyte, it lives without connection to the soil). So, immerse your BAMBI in water so that all of it can absorb water, but drain well the excess of water.


In nature BAMBI has access to nutrients through the water that comes with rain. As an indoor plant it needs a little help because the water we use to irrigate it does not completely satisfy its needs. In spring and summer add some salts to the bath water! (which is to say that you should add some liquid fertilizer to the water)


If the green fronds begin to get brown at the base it is a sign of an excess of water. If the green fronds begin to get brown at the tips it is a sign of water deficit. The leaves have a soft thin hair that you should not dry clean. It serves as a protection to limit perspiration. If you think your BAMBI has accumulated a lot of dust try to wash it in the shower to simulate a good falling rain. Round carapace-shaped brown leaves play an important role. Do not take them off, let them come loose and fall on their own. Yes, it is true, this “boy” seems to be complicated, but with some attention you will quickly know its wilinesses and it will really be worth having it as company!