Monstera do Adanson | Monstera adansonii


Mimi comes to us from the jungles of southern Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. In its natural habitat, Mimi loves humidity and climbing over the trunks of large trees in search of light. Its potholed leaves are believed to be a clean trick of survival. While Mimi is happily hanging from the heights, these holes allow light to pass through, ensuring the illumination of leaves in lower strata and making it more resistant to strong winds.

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Although MIMI likes to be protected from the direct sun by other trees, MIMI likes abundant indirect or filtered light. In low light, she throws a tantrum and doesn’t grow. She is happy with 2 to 3 hours of direct morning sun, in a window facing east. If you want to place it in a place facing south or west, move it away from the window to protect it from the sun’s rays. Easily catches a scald.


Mimi likes to feel the soil always fresh, but not soaked.

When watering, water abundantly and allow excess water to drain well. Do not forget to remove any water retained at the bottom of the decorative vase. During spring and summer, water whenever you feel that the soil’s surface is drying again. In winter, when Mimi enters dormancy, let the soil dry well between waterings. If the environment you are in is very heated and dry, try to spray the air around MIMI to increase the moisture. Remember that we went to pick up MIMI in tropical wetlands.



Young yellow leaves can be a way to show that Mimi is unhappy with your waterings. It is the biggest challenge in the case of Mimi. It may be too much love and dedication. Do not forget that you should allow the surface of the soil to dry before watering again. Was any water retained at the bottom of the pot? Or have you forgotten to pay attention to it? The new leaflets need extra care.

Several yellow leaves, young and less young, may indicate that Mimi is in need of repottting. Its roots already have difficulty in absorbing water. Do the roots start coming out through the holes in the bottom of the pot? Bingo!

Leaves with a brownish-yellow or even brown stain, dry to the touch, are probably a sign of scalding or dryness. Place Mimi in a place more protected from the sun and away from heat sources.


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