We believe in the power of simple things and the satisfaction of caring.

We believe that plants enchant us and give us a new form of well-being and a new look at life.

Helping you take care of your plants is part of our essence.

Here you will find everything you need for your plant parenthood!



On our Plant Care blog, you will learn all the tips you need to know how to give your plants what they really need. In this blog, you also have the plantopedia where we update specific resources dedicated to a particular plant.


Knowing how to care for plants is essential, but when it comes to houseplants, where they live in a confined environment, it is not enough to give them the right dose of light and water. In order for them to live happy and healthy for many good years, you will have to provide them with the nutrients they need and prevent and treat the pests and diseases that appear.

We added our 100% natural products to the contents of our blog so that you can take care of and enjoy your plants to the fullest! Check out our store to know them.

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If even after reading our Plant Care blog you still have difficulty understanding what is going on with your plant, or if you have doubts about which of our products to use, we are here to help you!

If you’ll allow us to use your questions and photos in our content to help others (no personal info will be used), then fill out the form below and we will do our best to diagnose the problem and suggest solutions within five business days.