This is the ideal kit to thoroughly spoil your houseplants. Use it to nourish your plants and their potting mix so that they never lack the nutrients they need to grow beautiful and healthy. Use the beautiful sprayer to make the most of your plant care routine.

What’s inside

Plant Food |  50 ml of seaweed extract

Soil Booster | 1 l of Insect humus

Houseplant Mister | 200 ml glass sprayer

How to use

Add 10 drops of Plant Food to the Mister, fill it up with water and shake well. Spray the leaves once a month in winter and fortnightly the rest of the year.

Every two months, spread a portion of the Soil Booster on the pot surface around the plant and lightly mix it up into the potting mix.


Plant Food: 100% Ascophyllum nodosum

Soil Booster: 100% insect humus by Hermetia illucens

Houseplant Mister made of glass and plastic

Suitable for all houseplants.

Distributed by Generosa, Lda.

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