The Spirit of Generosa

We all have something we believe in, that inspire us and we dream about.
At Generosa we believe in happiness, beauty and generosity. In the power of simple things and satisfaction in caring.

We believe that plants enchant, which subtly give us a new form of well-being and a new look at life.
It inspires us the generosity of giving without waiting to receive. It inspires us to reinvent know-how. The singularity of the pieces that reflect the unique moment in which the soul expresses itself in some hands.

With Generosa we dream of creating a new community of lovers of nature, beautiful things and everything that makes us feel good. We want to contribute to the simple and comfortable well-being in our lives and in those around us.

This is the Generous Spirit!

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The Promise of Generosa

Much more than plants … Our promise is that when you buy our collections, you will have access to a wonderful new world – the world of Generosa!

These are our four premises:


For you, who want to have plants but do not know which ones to choose at the time of purchasing, we have created several collections of plants in pots for all tastes and needs.


For you, who value quality and look for authenticity and originality, we have created collections of plants carefully selected for their characteristics and quality and let you combine them with pots and quality accessories handcrafted in Portugal.

Convenience and customization

For you, for whom life is two days and one has passed, you value your time and you like to evaluate every opportunity, you can easily explore and buy the collections and accessories in our online shop.

The delivery is ensured by the Generosa team at your door, personally and with all the care that your new company deserves.

Dedication and follow up

For you, who may not yet have a green finger, you will have the help of Generosa in all the steps of this adventure, either through a personalized follow-up line or through our workshops and articles on our blog.

The Story of Generosas

Once upon a time there was Cristina, Joana, Rosario, and Sofia. Four Women. Three agronomists. A pharmacist. Four in love with nature. Four Generosas. All with a great desire to create something involving plants, well-being, beauty and happiness.

With a horticultural project in hand and with some experience to support entrepreneurship projects, there has been night work to debate and to question how could a plant business be much more than just plants …

From study to creativity, through the perception of world trends, they have confirmed that plants are the meeting point (and the starting point) of what makes life good for us.
But they did not stop here.

To what nature gives us the best, they wanted to add what is best done in Portugal. From the creation of partnerships with craftsmen and designers, Generosa pots and accessories are born. A perfect marriage between nature, well-being, art, sustainability and origin.

Aware of the challenges of urban life, Generosas have created an online shop where you can buy the collections and accessories and a blog where they share the necessary tips to help choose and maintain the plants. They want to go further, but for now it’s a surprise!

From this moment the history is the present.
The four Generosas – Cristina, Joana, Rosario and Sofia – will continue to work in order to spread happiness in a pot.

The manifesto Generosa

do you remember me,
my sweet companion?

i am the one who is always there.
i am the one reminding you
that time is passing by.

i am the one that blossoms.
i am the fruit of care.

i am the one that gives you colour and flavour.
i am the one that brings you scent, texture,
wonder and surprise.

hello again my sweet companion,
let me introduce myself,
i am that little hidden seed
waiting to arise.
waiting to come out.
i am the promised prize.

Manifesto Generosa by Paula Delgado