Meet the founders
Rosário and Cristina

We created Generosa in 2018, starting our entrepreneurial adventure and becoming two female business leaders.

Our experience as houseplant shop owners and our agronomic knowledge led us to create a community of plant lovers that made us believe in this line of slow made products that we present.

We position ourselves as an eco-conscient brand always seeking to work for a better world.

The Spirit of Generosa

We all have something we believe in, that inspire us and we dream about.
At Generosa we believe in happiness, beauty and generosity. In the power of simple things and satisfaction in caring.

We believe that plants enchant, which subtly give us a new form of well-being and a new look at life.
It inspires us the generosity of giving without waiting to receive. It inspires us to reinvent know-how. The singularity of the pieces that reflect the unique moment in which the soul expresses itself in some hands.

With Generosa we dream of creating a new community of lovers of nature, beautiful things and everything that makes us feel good. We want to contribute to the simple and comfortable well-being in our lives and in those around us.

This is the Generous Spirit!

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The manifesto Generosa

do you remember me,
my sweet companion?

i am the one who is always there.
i am the one reminding you
that time is passing by.

i am the one that blossoms.
i am the fruit of care.

i am the one that gives you colour and flavour.
i am the one that brings you scent, texture,
wonder and surprise.

hello again my sweet companion,
let me introduce myself,
i am that little hidden seed
waiting to arise.
waiting to come out.
i am the promised prize.

Manifesto Generosa by Paula Delgado