We were asked to help diagnose the problems of this Dieffenbachia sp. and how she could be taken care of. If you have issues with one similar to this, continue reading to know more!

The info we’ve got about this plant

What is the scientific name or common name of your plant? Dieffenbachia sp.

How long have you had your plant? 1,5 years

When does the sun enter the room where your plant is? In the morning and middle of the day

How far (in meters) is your plant from a window in that room? 3 meters

How often have you watered your plant?  Every 3 days. But it depends. I always check with my finger in the soil and only water when it’s dry.

Have you been fertilising your plant? Yes

Have you ever repotted your plant? Yes

What symptoms does your plant show?  The leaves are all turning dry and yellow. My monstera is also getting yellow leaves. But this plant is the one in the most critical condition. I have several plants dying at the same time… :-(((


Our analysis

After seeing the photos that you sent, it is clear that your Dieffenbachia sp. is being severely attacked by Thrips (and some mealybugs too), a very common houseplant pest.


Our recommendations

Cut the leaves/part of the leaves that are affected.

Treat all plants with our Leaf Cleanser + Leaf Protector, spraying the leaves not forgetting the underside.

After the first application, remove the excess with kitchen paper (do not use the same sheet of paper on different plants). Then apply the mixture again and let it stay.

Repeat the treatment weekly until the pest is controlled and then keep cleaning the leaves monthly, inspecting for pests.

Expectations management: damaged leaves no longer recover. The important thing is that the new leaves are born healthy.

Plant Doctor help

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