It is not easy to manage our cats’ lives with our plants, I know. Fortunately, I am fortunate to have two cats that do not care much about them.

Or, in fact, they do not care about them at all. They are interested and curious when I’m going to water them and I place them aligned on the piece of furniture at the window but, apart that day of the week, the plants are not of any interest to them. Anyway, and because I know cats are always unpredictable, I’m also being attentive and taking some care.


The plants I know are toxic (monstera for ex) are located where they can never go there without doing great gymnastics. I have it in the corner of the bedroom on a bench. And unless one of them climbs the wall, it’s difficult to get to the Monstera itself because they have nothing else to lean on. Of course there are cats that will climb the pot, land on the soil and probably start eating Monstera right there on top of it. But fortunately it is not my case. Although they do not care about them, those plants that are most fragile are on shelves or furniture so they can never go there. My creepers are all high on the wall, too.

And I still have others hanging from the ceiling. I’d say that I have plants totally cat-proof. But of course it is also because I live with two that are quite calm. I think each person knows their cat better and knows their behaviors. Hanging the plants on the ceiling is, for me, the easiest option to have plants at home and at the same time cats gymnasts and a little bit crazy 😉
Helena Magalhães

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