Francisca, have you had any experience with plants?
No, I have always had coexistence with plants, but no experience.

Do you have any plans associated with your childhood?
Yes, the bougainvillea associated with my mother, and the hydrangeas associated with my grandparents. They were my favorites at the time.

What surprised you most with this experience?
The attention plants need.

What is your routine in plant care?
The days dedicated to the plants are the Sundays and the Wednesdays. On Sundays I pay special attention to all of them, I water them, I clean the dust and I remove dried leaves. On Wednesdays the attention is more on the more sensitive and those who need more care, especially the fetuses. On the remaining days, if it is hotter and less humidity, spray them with water.

Do you have a favorite plant?
In the taproom, my favorites are the fetuses. Which may seem odd, because initially they were the ones I least liked aesthetically. However, they are the ones that depend more on me and this makes them special. There is no day that I enter the Muse and that I do not immediately look at the fetuses.

What do plants add to space?
They essentially give more personality!